LWQ Summer 2014

Summer 2014   Life Out of Control

From the Editor ...null

It almost happened again last month: there was no opening devotion ready to begin our church’s monthly LWML meeting. In full to-the-rescue mode, I was just about to go over to the giveaway stack of LWQs in our lobby when someone else came up with a devotion idea on the fly.

Later, somebody questioned me: “There are devotions in the Quarterly?” My eager reply: “Oh, it’s full of devotions!” But it made me wonder if others knew this too.

Page 1, for example, holds the opening devotion for the magazine’s theme. As a special focus for this biennium, the Christian Living Editor has committed to “praying the Psalms” in her personal devotions and sharing the results of her writing with our readers. In this issue, the devotion centers on Psalm 19.

Look for brief devotions and prayers throughout the Quarterly, especially on the Young Women’s page.

Our full-page devotions are perfect for groups looking for a 10- to 20-minute opening, or discussion starter, based on a single portion of Scripture.

We have received a number of letters recently, commenting on the length and scope of the LWQ Bible studies. We have come to know that some folks want very short Bible studies; others have encouraged us to print meatier and more in-depth studies.

We try to satisfy everyone’s preferences by intentionally providing studies of differing lengths; in doing so, we are hopeful our readers will find something that either meets their time needs or can be adjusted, as necessary. (For example, even though each study in this issue spans two printed pages, the actual Bible study itself will run either 30-, 45-or 60-minutes long.)

Because our readers have also told us how much they appreciate having Leader Guides with each Bible study, we encourage writers to include study helps with their work, whenever possible. These helps are available online or by contacting the LWML Office.

The magazine you hold in your hand is a treasure trove of devotions, prayers, and Bible studies. When you or your group suddenly find yourselves off guard, lacking a devotion, guest speaker, or program idea … no worries!

Nancy Graf Peters


   3  Life Out of Our Control 
   4  Comfort Walks in on Four Legs
10  Suddenly, I'm the Wife of a Seminary Student
11  In the Midst
12  God's Love in Control
24  Every Second in Time
25  Call for Nominations
30  LWML Sunday 

In Every Issue

   1  btw ... Praying the Psalms 
   2  Editor's Note
   9  Young Women's Page
13  Shop LWML 
13  Call for News
14  Grants @ Work: Care and Compassion for All of God's People 
17  Gifts of Love 
26  Lutheran Women in Action
29  President's Page

Bible Studies

16  Life "Out of Control" - Bible Study 
16  Life "Out of Control" - Leader Notes
18  Living with Pain. Life Plan Disrupted - Bible Study 
18  Living with Pain. Life Plan Disrupted - Leader Notes 
20  Living with Pain. What About Healing? - Bible Study
20  Living with Pain. What About Healing? - Leader Notes 
22  La Vida Fuera de Control 


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