LWQ Fall 2014

Fall 2014   Living Forgiven
From the Editor ...

What got you hooked on the LWML? In my case, it’s not “what” but “who.” As a barely 30-something, I did something for the first time: I traveled farther west (and alone!) than I ever had before and set foot into a jam-packed convention hall in Ames, Iowa. Presiding was a dynamo whose captivating leadership style made an indelible impression. My takeaway: “This organization means business. It’s almost scary, but I want more of this!”

When Alberta Barnes took the reins of that convention podium, she mesmerized me by her command of Robert’s Rules of Order and left me gasping … wanting … hoping to be like her when I grew up.

Over the years, thanks to LWML’s excellent servant leader training, my wings were stretched, rocketing me to a number of other scary (and thrilling) opportunities in the LWML, including my current service.

Soon after my appointment as Editor, I was gifted with a handwritten note of encouragement. It came from that very person who got the ball rolling for me and helped me see the big-picture LWML that existed beyond my own local comfort zone.

My heartfelt thanks will always go to Alberta.

Nancy Graf Peters


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