LWQ Summer 2015

Lutheran Woman's Quarterly

Summer 2015  Tough Stuff

From the Editor …

There are no words …
… but resounding praise to the almighty God for this good news: The LWML met and surpassed its 2013–2015 mission goal! To every woman, man, and child who gathered mites and offered prayers for missions, take another look at the cover of this issue and join your praises to the Triune God.

There are no words …
… for what you are about to read in this issue. The very tough stuff of life and death and brokenness is evident in these pages. May His Word comfort you in your own difficult situation or encourage you to walk beside a sister, friend, or neighbor who aches to know the assurance of God’s comfort and hope.

There are no words …
… except heartfelt gratitude to the Quarterly staff, who prayed for the Holy Spirit’s guidance throughout the production of this LWQ, and the LCMS Task Force on Domestic Violence and Child Abuse, who lent their expertise and professionalism to numerous articles.

There are no words but His Word,
assuring us, in every moment, that Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and resurrection from the tomb is enough.

Nancy Graf Peters


  2  Confessions of a Mite Box Slacker
  3  I Am Dying
  4  Her Own Story
  5  Reflections of a Parish Nurse
  5  Reflexiones de Luna Enfermera Parroquial
  6  Bearing Burdens: Walking Alongside Someone Being Abused
  6  Soportando Pesadas Cargas
10 There's a Crack in Everything
12 Sending Them Off to War

In Every Issue

  1   btw … Praying the Psalms
  9  Young Women's Page
14  Grants@Work Introductions to the Savior; 2015–2017 Proposed Mission Grants
24  Shop LWML
25  Lutheran Women in Action
27  LWML News Feature: The LCMS and Survivors of Domestic Violence and Abuse
28  Gifts of Love
29  The President's Page

Bible Study

There are no leader guides available for the Bible studies in this issue.
16  Shame: Recognizing and Neutralizing the Toxicity
18  La Vergüenza: Reconoce y neutraliza lo tóxico de la vergüenza
20  Ecclesiastes: Comforting Words When Dealing with Tough Stuff
22  Drinking from the Eternal Springs

From the President

A video message from LWML President Kay Kreklau, 2011-2015. Kay shares her heart and hope with her LWML family in Christ.

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