LWQ Spring 2015

Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly

Spring 2015   Sharing the Faith

From the Editor …

Because my parents didn’t go to church, there was little encouragement for me to attend Sunday School as a child. I would walk to church for a couple of weeks, find some excuse for not liking the teacher, and stay home to watch TV.

Until I had Mrs. Kuck for sixth grade.

Every time I stayed home, she sent me a post-card or letter in her exquisite longhand, saying she missed me.

To stop the annoying letters from coming, I decided to go to class and ask impossible questions (“If a baby dies in a plane crash before it is baptized, does it go to heaven?”), hoping Mrs. Kuck would get tired of pesty me and stop sending reminders to come to class. Instead, she patiently replied, “Let me ask Pastor, and I will tell you next week.”

Thanks to my teacher’s loving perseverance, my Sunday School and church attendance improved radically. After I was confirmed, our Sunday School superintendent, Mr. Cooke, invited me to take the teacher training class. To complete the training, however, each person had to substitute teach one class successfully. Weeks went by as I waited to be called to cover a class.

One morning, Mrs. Kuck whispered into my ear, “I will be too busy on New Year’s Eve morning to teach my class. Will you be my substitute?” Of course I jumped at the chance, but it seemed so strange for Mrs. Kuck to be absent because she was “busy.” However, the twinkle in her eyes gave away her real plan … and her invaluable gift to me. I taught her class — my training was complete!

Shortly thereafter, I was entrusted to a class of my very own and have been teaching every year since the age of 14. With the Lord’s help, my hope is to reach 50 joy-filled years (and more!) of teaching and sharing the faith with His children.

Nancy Graf Peters


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