LWQ Winter 2009

Relationships: Learning the Ropes

nullIt's a question I get asked a lot:

So what's the deal with the three names? Some sort of political statement?

The answer to the latter is "no." And the answer to the former is that my full name honors the two most important men in my life: my dad and my husband.

Considered uncommon in my teen years (apart from Margaret Chase Smith and Mary Tyler Moore), three-part names were starting to become more mainstream
in my college years, yet I saw little usage in church circles — except for one place. Here.

While attending a young adults’ group meeting at my fiancé’s church, I picked up one of the giveaway copies of the Quarterly that had conveniently been left on
a visitors’ rack. As I perused the issue, all the names of the married LWML leaders at that time were printed in the same format, except for one — the editor-in-chief.

“A Lutheran woman … with a three-part name!” Enough for me; I followed suit.

And to this day it works great to stem confusion, since another “Nancy Peters” and a “Nancy Graf” also happen to live in my county.

My names remind me of my important relationships. As you read this LWQ issue, may what it reveals about relationships help you learn the ropes about another
three-part name that, through Baptism, we all share: child of God.

Nancy Graf Peters


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  7 Ablaze! Moment — Beside You, Around You: In the Mainstream Moments PDF
  9 Learning the Ropes of Forgiveness PDF
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22 What Love! PDF
25 The Faces of Kyrgyzstan PDF
26 Warm Quilts ... Warm Hearts PDF

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Bible Studies

16 "Heart" Matters: A Look at Mary PDF
16 "Heart" Matters: A Look at Mary - Leader Notes PDF
18 EL “Corazón” Importa: Un Vistazo a la Vida de María PDF
20 What would Joseph Say? A Study of the Earthly Father of Jesus PDF
23 Relationships 101: Comfort and Compassion PDF

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