LWQ Winter 2013

Winter 2013
Communication: Mixed Signals

From the Editor...

It is with great joy that the Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly introduces its readers to someone who served on our LWQ staff and went on to become the managing editor for The Lutheran Witness. Adriane Dorr joined our team the same year Associate Editor Beth Foreman and I did. When it comes to our proof-reading decisions, staff members may be tired of still hearing me sing the same tune: “Well, Adriane says… .” As the final authority on all things AP Style, Adriane’s guidance continues to ring in my ears, especially the prohibition of using “air quotes.” (I have done moderately well at keeping air quotes to a minimum; in honor of Adriane, this issue is swept free of them!)

Adriane’s cover story and her devotion on page 1 set the tone for this issue, “Communications: Mixed Signals,” and other writers continue the theme. We also present several boots-on-the-ground accounts of LWML Mission Grants that have benefited from your sacrificial mite-giving and prayers.

This issue marks an every-two-years’ transition for the Quarterly staff, as newly appointed editors join our ranks while we say a heartfelt thanks to those who have served so faithfully in the past. We say goodbye to Cheryl Mattil, who moves on to new life opportunities; Joy Dougherty, who was elected to the Executive Committee; and Linda Guteres, whose sense of humor and passion for prayer will not soon be forgotten.

Come spring, we welcome Sheila Lutz, as the Christian Living Editor; Cheri Fish, as the Mission Editor; and our new News Editor Pam Knepper, who jump-started her term by contributing an article to this issue. It is with mixed feelings that I say goodbye to some wonderful editor friends, while at the same time anticipating great things going forward. Above all, please offer your prayers for our work together.

Nancy Graf Peters


  3 Speaking Words of Faith PDF
  4 Adriane (Dorr) Heins - Breaking the Silence: Confessing Christ PDF
10 Take Two: Mouth Mishaps and Second Chances PDF
12 Staying Warm and Keeping Safe PDF
25 A Mixed Bag: Growing up as an 'MK' PDF

In Every Issue

  1 btw... Words Matter PDF
  2 Editor's Note PDF
  9 Young Women's Page PDF
14 Grants @ Work PDF
24 Shop LWML PDF
26 Lutheran Women in Action PDF
28 Call for News PDF
28 Gifts of Love PDF
29 President's Page PDF

Bible Studies

16 Connecting Heart to Heart Part III PDF
16 Connecting Heart to Heart Part III - Leader Notes PDF
18 Psalm 145: Praising God Even When He Seems Silent PDF
20 Let's Talk! PDF
20 Let's Talk! - Leader Notes PDF
22 De Corazón a Corazón Parte III: Conocimiento PDF


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