LWQ Fall 2013

Fall 2013  Embracing the Family of God

From the Editor ...

Every two years, one of the greatest pleasures I have in my service as Editor is to review thousands of photos in preparation for our post-convention issue. As LWQ Graphic Designer Amy and I pore over those images, our hope is that the photo montage we assemble will ignite memories for those women and men who came to Pittsburgh, while also conveying the gathering’s indescribable joy to the rest of our readers.

The upswing is that we get to relive the convention — not only the major events recorded by the cameras, but also the quiet moments and the captivating faces that easily could have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Recently, a well-known Hollywood actor commented that he regretted not getting to know better many of the women he had met whose interesting faces did not match his narrow definition for beauty. Proverbs 15:13a offers us another perspective: A happy heart makes the face cheerful.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, please allow the photos on this page to speak volumes as they reveal to you the beautiful faces of sisters and brothers in Christ who came to Pittsburgh to be quenched by the water and who left “to be the biggest hose on the planet … to drench everybody in their path in Jesus’ name.”*

Nancy Graf Peters

*Convention Bible study by Donna Pyle


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