Dear Lucy Leader …

LWML Lingo

Dear Lucy Leader,

I’m new to LWML, and the ladies in my group throw around all these terms like “Quarterly,” “rally,” “YWR,” and “Gifts of Love.” I don’t know what they mean, and I don’t want to ask for their meanings all the time. How can I learn these terms?

Curious but Confused Caroline


Dear Curious but Confused Caroline,

Welcome to LWML! I know you will find forever friends here. All the different terms in a new-to-you organization can be confusing and overwhelming. I have three suggestions for you. First, find a woman in your group that you feel comfortable with and you can talk to freely. This woman can be your go-to person when you find yourself in a situation in which you need to know the meaning of a word right away. More than likely, you will have found a new lifelong friend in this helpful woman!

Second, check out the LWML Glossary on the LWML website. This resource has definitions for all your LWML terminology questions. Take the time to learn these terms to give you an extra boost of confidence at your next group meeting.

And, last but very important, please do speak up. It’s helpful to long-term members to understand that they need to talk in terms that everyone can understand. I’m sure they are so happy you are part of their group and want you, and other newcomers, to feel welcome and comfortable.

May God guide you in your endeavors!
Lucy Leader

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