Dear Lucy Leader …

Working Together with Different Gifts



Dear Lucy Leader,

I have a lady that is a great LWML motivator but when it gets down to action time, she backs away. She says I assume too much. This has happened a few times, and I am really feeling down about this.

Thanks for your help, 

Frustrated Fran


Dear Frustrated Fran,

What a joy it is to have someone that has a joy and passion for LWML and can motivate your group! First, take this situation to God in prayer, as I’m sure you already have. This devotion, Flowering LWML Leaders, may be a good way to reflect on your role in leadership and how to develop that in this other woman.

Second, schedule a time to talk with this woman before you are at the point of disappointment or frustration, so you are both in a good, open mindset. Remember that every leader has different gifts. Consider the following questions: Are there ways you can work with this woman? Is she open to working with someone to make her ideas a reality? Is she open to other people taking her ideas and running with them to come to fruition? How can you help this woman use her leadership gifts in a way that is fruitful for all involved?

When you actually meet with her, start with a positive statement, then lead into what you are noticing and how it makes you feel. Consider starting your conversation like this, “I really love that you have so much passion for LWML. You have some great ideas for our group. I’ve noticed that when it comes time to make things happen, things often don’t take shape. This makes me feel disappointed. I would like to help make your ideas a reality. Would you be open to working with me to get them accomplished?”

God’s blessings to you as you work through this situation.

Lucy Leader 

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