Due to the number of grants this biennium, this month there are two grants featured!

Lutheran Women in Mission Finish the Job

2023โ€“2025 Mission Grant 11 โ€” $85,000

comparison of destroyed church and rebuilt churchThis church in Carrefour Declos was damaged in 2017 from Hurricane Matthew. We repaired it and put on a sturdy roof. In 2021 the earthquake destroyed it again. We were able to salvage the roof but the entire structure including the foundation was not viable. We rebuilt the church but did not have enough money to finish the floor and bathroom.

Ministry in Mission has been working in Haiti for 15 years with the leadership of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Haiti to meet the needs of people as they respond to devastating hurricanes and political unrest. An earthquake in 2021 destroyed many churches and work was begun to rebuild the churches. Currently the churches are open for worship as work continues. The necessary materials are in the country to finish floors, repair electrical work, install toilets, and complete furnishings.

This grant will help purchase other needed supplies to finish the restoration work. Ministry in Mission and the Lutheran Church of Haiti also continue to care for the spiritual and physical needs of the people at the Center of Refuge Orphanage and The Jacamel Lutheran Home for the elderly.

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Feeding Haitian Children Through Gospel and Meals

2023โ€“2025 Mission Grant 15 โ€” $58,082

school children sitting on benches in classroom with bowls of foodThe children in this photo are the future of Haiti. These students have just a few years left in their education. The Christian education they receive will serve them well and equip them to make a difference in their country. Some may become teachers, others may become nurses, but the most important title they now have is "Redeemed Child of God, through the power of the Holy Spirit." Trinity HOPE believes the key to long-term change in Haiti is Education and the Good News of the Gospel.

In Haiti, 4.4 million people suffer from acute hunger; the cycle of poverty is almost never broken. Haitian children attending school have trouble learning with empty stomachs. Trinity HOPE daily feeds and shares the Gospel with children, teachers, and cooks in Christian schools throughout the country.ย 

This grant will be used to feed approximately 538 children, teachers, and cooks each school day for two academic years at Paul et Isabel Lutheran School in Hinche, Haiti.ย 

Children are taught to pray before they eat and when not hungry, are better prepared to participate in classroom activities. They are fed physically and spiritually every day they are in school and become missionaries to their families, bringing them out of the darkness of voodoo, a national religion, and into the light of Jesus.

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