Featured January 2024 — Women Doing God's Work

woman standing outside while hiking, staring off into the distance, where the sun is just over the mountains


Bible Study — New: Family Matters — Women in Christ's Geneology with Leader Guide

Devotion — New: It is Swell


cover of Equipping Saints to Serve

From the new 2023–2025 planner, Equipping Saints to Serve!

The above resources are excerpted from the 2-year planner Equipping Saints to Serve found here. This planning resource includes over 50 devotions, Bible studies, and sketches to encourage your faith. Learn More.


Mission Service Project: A different Mission Service Activity will be featured each month at www.lwml.org/mission-service-activities

Mission Grant Resources: A different grant will be featured each month, downloadable for your use. www.lwml.org/mission-grant-resources

Weekly Stewardship Meditations: Each week, a mediation upon a Bible verse will be posted here: www.lwml.org/stewardship-meditations

This is excerpted from the 2-year planner, Equipping Saints to Serve, found here.
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