Bible Study on Relationship with God, 7 sessions. 43 pages. By Rev. Kris Whitby. Leader Guide available.

At meals, much more can happen than the mere consuming of food. Around the table, as friends and family gather for a meal, relationships can be deepened, special occasions celebrated, important life matters can be discussed. In short, life is often shared over a meal.

Many significant things happened over a meal during Jesus' earthly ministry. "At Table with Jesus" invites us to journey into the Scriptures and take a seat around the meal table where Jesus dines. May the Holy Spirit use this study to deepen our understanding of what grace our Savior extends to those who get to dine with Him, and how He continues to set a place for us to be nurtured by Him. 

Lesson One: A Covenant Confirmed
Lesson Two: Meals that Bless
Lesson Three: The Abundant Provider 
Lesson Four: Anointed by a Sinner, Forgiven by the Savior
Lesson Five: The Humble, Heavenly Banquet
Lesson Six: Burning Hearts and Opened Eyes
Lesson Seven: A Meal for the Lost 

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At Table with Jesus — Study Guide

At Table with Jesus — Leader Guide


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