Long/Multi-Session Bible Studies

Bible Studies: long/multi-sesssions

Steps of Faith

In this study, we are going to look more closely at this journey of faith we are all traveling. We will search the Scriptures and spend time reflecting on our individual and collective experiences and the journey ahead. Consider that, while it will be different for each of us, we approach this as starting a new trip each day while we explore our “Steps of Faith.” 2 sessions. By Linda Koch.
Download the study guide and leader guide here.

Overflowing Abundance

Sometimes, in seasons of stress and brokenness, we keep our eyes down. Trudging forward. Never looking up to see our Provider. Yet when Christ is present, the weary find rest and the hungry soul is satisfied. Come and be fed by the only One who provides for your every need and fills you … body and soul … with Overflowing Abundance. By Donna Snow.
Download the Bible Study workbook here.

The Task-Filled Life

Overwhelmed with your task-filled life? 6 main sessions, each followed by 5 short devotional sessions to dig deeper. By Jan Brunette.
Read it online here or access a printable version.

At Table with Jesus

Many significant things happened over a meal during Jesus' earthly ministry. Journey into the Scriptures and take a seat around the meal table where Jesus dines. 7 sessions. By Rev. Kris Whitby.
Download the study guide and leader guide here.

Whatever … Keeping Your Heart in Tune with Whatever Life Brings

Based on Philippians 4:8-9, each lesson contains Bible study, personal reflection and practical ideas to incorporate into your life. 6 sessions. By Anneke Hudson.
Download the women's edition or teen's edition here.

Living with Pain — Strength and Survival

What is the Christian's response to pain physically, emotionally, and spiritually? 8 sessions. By Roxanne M. Smith.
Download the study guide and leader guide here.

Mountaintop Journeys with Jesus

Visit some of the mountains that marked Jesus' earthly sojourn among us, and remember and celebrate His unconditional love for us. 7 sessions. By Rev. Robert Selle.
Download the Bible study here.

75 Years in Mission

The conclusion of the Bible study presented to the 2017 LWML Convention included a summary of themes used at LWML national conventions throughout our 75-year history. By Deaconess Betty Knapp.
75 Years in Mission PowerPoint and video

Focus Lost … Focus Restored

Deals with 14 biblical personalities and examples of times when they lost their focus and when their focus was restored by God. By Rev. John Heckmann. 14 sessions.
Focus Lost … Focus Restored — Leader Guide  (56 pages) 
Focus Lost … Focus Restored — Student Guide (24 pages)

Gifts, Chosen for You

Every Christian has spiritual gifts. What are yours? Learn about the spiritual gifts of administration, faith, generosity, mercy, prophecy, service, teaching, and wisdom. By Cheryl Mattil. 8 sessions.
Gifts, Chosen for You Bible Study with Leader Notes

Every Picture Can Tell God's Story

Designed to help open your eyes to new ways to be a winsome witness of Jesus using your personal photographs and experiences. At the end of the study you will have a Witness Album completed and ready to share. By Diane Grebing. 6 sessions.
Every Picture Can Tell God's Story — Leader Edition
Every Picture Can Tell God's Story — Study Edition

Our Hope and Future

Based on Jeremiah 29:11–12, presents the question: are you concerned about the future? This study helps us gain insight by replacing the worries of the world with God's truth and reassurance. Discover God's plans for a life of hope, faith, and support in Him. By Donna Snow. 4 sessions.
Our Hope and Future

Love's Priceless Gift

Based on John 3:16, recounts God's pursuit of us in love. This study offers incredible insight and fresh clarity into one of the most well-loved passages in all of Scripture. Fall in love all over again through the One who first loved us. By Donna Snow. 4 sessions.
Love's Priceless Gift

Unveiled Faces

Based on 2 Corinthians 3:17–18, helps you discover that just as oxygen gives life to your body, so the Spirit gives life to your soul. Take a deep breath and be refreshed by the very breath of God. By Donna Snow. 4 sessions.
Unveiled Faces

Faith or Famine

Based on Hebrews 11:1&6, explores the Biblical principles of cultivating and maintaining a strong faith, which proves essential on your spiritual journey. With a strong faith, through the power of the Holy Spirit, you can withstand any famine that you may encounter. By Donna Snow. 4 sessions.
Faith or Famine

Facedown Worship

Based on Psalm 95:6–7, explores who we worship and our dedication to worship of the Triune God in our day-to-day lives. God created every person with a need and desire to worship. Unfortunately, some worship false gods or idols, while others worship money, a lifestyle, or even self. By Donna Snow. 4 sessions.
Facedown Worship
Now also translated into Russian! Facedown Worship — Russian translation

I Surrender!

Based on Psalm 139:23–24, looks at the intimate relationship God desires for us. This study will help us come to understand just how much we need God's grace, mercy, and redemption that He so lovingly provides. By Donna Snow. 4 sessions.
I Surrender!

One Extraordinary Night

Based on Luke 2:8–14, helps you walk through the vivid colors of history to learn how God orchestrated that miraculous night that changed the world forever. Be transported to the shepherding fields near Bethlehem on that starry night. By Donna Snow. 4 sessions.
One Extraordinary Night

No Stranger in the Manger

Based on Matthew 2:2, 10–11. The Magi traveled many miles and months to find Jesus. Journey through this study to discover the wonder, miracle, and majesty of their search — Jesus Christ, the promised Messiah and Savior. By Donna Snow. 4 sessions.
No Stranger in the Manger

Donna Pyle

Bible Studies for Leaders

Christian Leaders Bible Study

This three-part Bible study and leader’s guide with insights into developing leadership attitudes and skills is ideal for a leadership workshop or Board of Directors’ study. By Rev. John Heckmann.
Christian Leaders Bible Study — Leader's Guide
Christian Leaders Bible Study — Study Guide

Gifted for Service

This spiritual gifts Bible study, including links to online spiritual gifts inventories, works for any size group.
Gifted for Service Bible Study

Mentoring Bible Studies

Bible Studies on mentoring can be found in the Mentoring Resource Kit and in Woman to Woman Mentoring.

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