Single-session Bible study on Christian Living, Fashion. 3 pages.

In the spring, new fashions fill magazines and advertisements, tempting us to open our pocketbooks to wear the latest trends and colors. No one wants to be wearing the wrong, yesterday style or passé design. Television programs are filled with advice suggesting how to update homes, yards, hairstyles, and wardrobes. One successful show, What Not to Wear, completed a ten-year run on a cable network before ending in 2013. The premise of the show was to have friends and family nominate someone for a fashion make-over. The nominee surrendered her entire existing wardrobe to the producers of the show and was given thousands of dollars to spend on new clothes and guidelines to use when shopping. Very few ever refused the opportunity to make the change. 

Do you ever feel that someone might nominate you for a spiritual make-over? Are you living in a worn-out, frumpy rut of Christianity? Do you need to look for new and exciting updates in your life with Christ? 

A New Spring Wardrobe

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