Single-session Bible study on Personal Spirituality, Prayer. 2 pages.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a private phone line that would work perfectly every time? A phone that we could take everywhere and use anywhere, a phone with no more wrong numbers, no more busy signals, no more answering machines, no more having no one answer the phone, no more being put on hold, no more high phone bills, no more static on the line, and no more being transferred back and forth. 

Each of us has our own private line to the Greatest Listener of all times. This private phone line can go anywhere and work everywhere. We will NEVER get a busy signal; NEVER the wrong number; NEVER an answering machine; NEVER a transfer; NEVER any static. We will ALWAYS get the right number; ALWAYS get an answer; and ALWAYS find someone with time to listen. By now, I’m sure that you have figured out that this amazing phone line is PRAYER. PRAYER is simply talking to God. 

A Private Line

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