Single-session Bible study on Christian Life, Trials. 3 pages. Leader Guide available.

In every life, there are always “what ifs.” Your personal “what ifs” might include such lifechanging events as a move to a new community due to a job change, a change in marital status due to divorce or the death of a spouse, or a retirement after many years of hard work. Then there are the daily “what ifs” as you care for your family, go to work, shop for groceries, take the car in for repairs, mow the lawn, plant a garden, shovel snow, visit your doctor, as well as medical diagnoses and procedures which frighten us. These are just the tip of the iceberg of our busy lives and the “what ifs” that affect us. 

When “what ifs” on the expressway of life overwhelm us, we may become worried and anxious. As our sinful natures cause us to turn inward to look for answers, we may wonder if we will have time to accomplish everything ahead of us in our daily lives. We may wonder if a relationship will develop or dissolve. We may wonder if the medical advice and procedures will grant us a cure. Worry and anxiety over “what ifs” and over actual problems we face can consume our time and energy. These emotions may become so overwhelming that they cause us to take our eyes off of God and forget His love and care for us as well as His control over all things. To help us face life’s “what ifs,” let’s turn to God’s Word for guidance. 

Encountering “What Ifs” on the Expressway of Life with Leader Guide


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