Single-session Bible study on Love, Christian Living. 3 pages.

Think of a time when there was love all around you. If you have been to a LWML national or district convention, you would have experienced love all around. People smiled and were helpful, concerned, caring, and happy. They were encouraged to share the Gospel and God’s love. They were sharing stories of love while planning acts of love. On returning home the women shared stories of kindness, love, and caring that they had experienced, and spiritual insights that they had gained. The women excitedly told how their love for God was going to be shared through the funding of missions with Mite Boxes. 

This is a mountain-top experience. Perhaps you have had a different mountain-top experience of being surrounded by love that you would like to share. 

After these mountain-top experiences, we come back to the valley, the everyday life where, as the apostle John says, the whole world is under the control of the evil one (1 John 5:19b NIV). It is more difficult to share God’s love with those who make fun of Christians; those who are mean-spirited towards us; and those whose lives revolve around themselves. In everyday life there are distractions and discouragements along with demands on our time and resources. We are not always surrounded by others who encourage us to share God’s love. 

How do we surround people in the “valley” with love? 

His Love, Our Love

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