Single-session Bible study on Apostle’s Creed, Christian Living. 4 pages. Leader Guide available.

The dictionary defines “steadfast” as “firmly established, unchanging, not fickle or wavering.” Oh, no! If this is so, how do we become steadfast in Christ? And how do we remain steadfast in Christ? The answer is – we can’t! As human beings we sin daily in our thoughts, words, and deeds against God and our neighbors. The truth is, it is Christ who is steadfast to us! It is a gift! Our Heavenly Father’s steadfast love to us flows from the cross of Christ and gives us everything that we need to be steadfast in Him. This truth of Holy Scripture is summarized in the Apostles’ Creed. It is a baptismal confession of the early Church and is still used today in the Divine Service throughout the world. This study will take a brief look at God’s steadfastness to us by using Martin Luther’s beautifully crafted Meanings of the Three Articles of the Apostles’ Creed. 

Steadfast in Christ (study guide with leader guide)


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