Mission Grant #12 “Women’s Witness and Mercy, Asia – Mission Central” $100,000 PAID IN FULL!    www.lwml.org/2019-2021-mission-grant-12

Hello and greetings from the mission field of Seoul and East Asia to the mission field of the U.S. and beyond!  

First of all, allow my family to sincerely thank you and all of the incredible women involved in LWML for your wonderfully generous donation towards the support of our ministry as LCMS missionaries in this part of the world. You all have overwhelmed us with your most gracious gift. As you are likely aware, we are responsible for 100% of our fundraising, and your expression of love and care is most sincerely appreciated. Thank you.

We know that we could not be here without our partnership in the Gospel. We thank you sincerely.  

May Christ, our Paschal Lamb, bless you with His peace and the assuredness of His love for you all. And may He keep you in His protective care in these days.  

The Wasmund Family
Matt, Dee Dee, Lily, and Olivia
LCMS missionaries in East Asia

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