September to Remember

Shining Light: My Neighbor and LWML Friend

When we moved to Nebraska for my husband’s first call, we had two small children and were far way from our families. We met a wonderful woman named Norma who welcomed us with open arms, encouraged us, and made us honorary members of her family. She treated our sons as her own grandchildren and invited us to many special dinners, including holiday dinners.

This was not an unusual occurrence. Norma has a heart for service. She provides meals for members of the community dealing with illness or loneliness. An avid gardener, she shares her produce with neighbors, church members, the food pantry, and anyone in need.

Norma invited me to become a member of her LWML family. She belonged to LWML because she wanted to be in the Word and reach out to those who needed to hear of the love of Christ. She taught me where mite offerings went and what it means to live out your faith in day-to-day acts of service as a child of God.

Norma is a shining light and a true servant of God!

Michelle Jenks