September to Remember

Shining Lights, Like Christmas Lights Throughout the Year

Celebrating the “shining lights” in our lives, the LWML Board of Directors (BOD) was asked to share a “shining light” — someone who shares Jesus’ love through service to others. Were you inspired by their stories? Now it is my turn and I’m challenged to pick just one so I will share several, like a string of Christmas lights shining all year long!

Dottie Sincebaugh was the LWML North Dakota District President when I became involved with LWML. At the first BOD meeting, she invited me to join her for ice cream! She answered all my questions and made me feel so welcome. Dottie is a true servant leader, sharing Christ with everyone she meets.

Rev. Todd Smelser, now in heaven with Jesus, was a quiet man but boldly shared his faith. I loved his Bible studies and still refer to them. He encouraged me to allow my name to be considered for the office of district president.

I was privileged to meet Diane Kane and Becky Meggers when we joined Faith Lutheran Church in Woodland Park, Colorado four years ago. They both serve the church and their community, and although busy, they always make time to welcome visitors and make them feel like they belong.

Have you had a “shining light” in your life who reflects the love of Christ? Share your story. Consider donating to the LWML Mission Goal. The LWML legacy of sharing Christ and His mercy will continue around the world!