September to Remember

Lighting up the Whole Sky

The number of people who have been “shining lights” in my life light up the whole sky! They provided light to me by encouraging, challenging, and prompting me; they poked and pushed me. All were used by the Spirit to bring me to a reasonable level of spiritual maturity.

There are those who truly stand out above others, some common to all believers, such as parents, pastors, and friends. My list also includes seminary professors and local pastoral associates. My dad, although not outspoken, was a shining light through his enduring and continuing faithfulness to me. Several pastors encouraged me to enter the seminary.

But my dear Judy tops them all. As my wife, she never waivers, always encourages, and, when needed, gently corrects. I cannot be more pleased and thankful.

Now, more recently, the many outstanding LWML leaders I’ve come to know are in a league of their own, routinely encouraging me to develop a closer oneness with the Savior.

I am exceedingly thankful for these many shining lights in my life!

Pastor Gary Piepkorn