September to Remember

My Shining Light — Kaja Gade


I was four years old when I met Kaja Gade — my first Sunday school teacher. She gently “corralled” a rambunctious class of eight boys and two girls, patiently and quietly teaching us songs like “Jesus Loves Me” and “The B-I-B-L-E”. She kept us focused and always shared the Gospel.

Kaja was the first adult I met who wasn’t a family member and she always made me feel like we were part of God’s family. She showed compassion and love, and taught me how to pray, be thankful, and to serve others. She showed me how to be a light for Christ.

Kaja taught Sunday school for 55 years. I am grateful for her servant heart and willingness to share her faith. She touched many lives and , after 98 years of life here on earth, Kaja is now at home with her Savior, Jesus.

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Karla Koehler