September to Remember

Shining Light: My Sunday School Teacher

I met Miss Emily when I was seven years old and living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Miss Emily was my Sunday school teacher who made Bible stories come to life! Memorizing Scripture was a given. She even made sure we had a ride to attend Sunday school each week, even after we left the neighborhood.

I was nine when my family and I moved to Seattle, Washington. Since I had attended Sunday school before, my parents gave their okay when a schoolmate invited me to attend Sunday school at her Lutheran church. The rest is history!

I have kept in touch with Miss Emily all these years through written letters; she shares her faith, tells me her news, and offers encouragement. The latest tidbit was her confidence in Jesus Christ as her Savior when doctors found a plum-size tumor in her brain. She had no fear and only asked God to use her for His service. (By the way, she’s recovered nicely!)

What a shining light!

Marie Chow