Giving Tuesday 2019 — Making a Difference in a Changing World

2017–2019 Mission Grant — Christ for Veterans and their Families — $27,750

I am always amazed by the men and women who serve in the armed forces. They train, fight, and perhaps give their lives, oftentimes for people they will never know. Similarly, I will never get a chance to meet all of the people who stand ready to make sure our country is safe and protect our freedoms. We are blessed by the work of these service men and women in ways we don’t always see or fully appreciate.


They are not the only ones who sacrifice for us, however. Our military personnel live in families, many are married and have children, and so their parents, spouses, and children share their loved one with us. They, too, are in need of support while their relative serves, when they return home, or when the supreme sacrifice has been made.

The 2017-2019 LWML Mission Grant, Christ for Veterans and Their Families, was able to provide training for congregations to work directly with veterans and their families to give them support, not just in a physical way, but also with the love of Christ. Through your generosity, the LWML was able to help serve those who work so tirelessly to serve us. Your continued support of our new Mission Goal will allow us to provide care and support to others with the Gospel of Christ, that they may know His love for all. Remember our veterans as you donate your dollars on this year’s Giving Tuesday, December 3.

Rev. Brian Noack