Giving Tuesday 2019 — Making a Difference in a Changing World

2019-2021 LWML Mission Grant — Ministry in Motion, Trinity Lutheran Church, Mobile, AL — $58,000

“Ministry in Motion – Trinity Lutheran Church, Mobile, Alabama,” is one of the grant recipients for this biennium; $58,000 was requested to purchase a handicapped accessible church bus. Why do they need this grant?


What would you do if you knew that children in your community did not know Christ, did not have Christ-centered care, and were not able to receive these things because they could not get to where the care is provided? This grant makes it possible for Trinity Lutheran Church in Mobile to reach children who need to hear about Jesus. These children will be shown Christ Jesus and given the care that they so desperately need.

Giving Tuesday is December 3. Your mites will help Trinity reach out into the community so the children may hear of Jesus their Savior, grow in faith in Him, as well as touch the lives of their families. As you drop your mites into your box, say this prayer:

Lord God, please use these mites to bring the children of the Mobile, Alabama, community into fellowship with You. We pray that Trinity Lutheran Church will be able to purchase the vehicle that they need in order to reach these families. Amen. 

Rev. Mitchel Schuessler