Giving Tuesday 2019 — Making a Difference in a Changing World

2015–2017 Mission Grant #11 — Opportunities in Uganda — Women of the Pearl and Seminary Completion — $100,000

It is rare you hear that something is your fault in the LWML world of love between sisters and brothers in Christ. LWML women greet each other with smiles and hugs, we build each other up with positive reinforcement and love. So who would dare tell LWML women that something was their fault?

nullIf you attended the LWML Mobile Convention this past summer you would have heard mission speaker, Lynn Corker. Lynn, as a lay missionary, has been involved in developing women’s ministry in Uganda. Women of the Pearl provide education in literacy, nutrition, personal hygiene, business and agriculture to women so they may be equipped to serve God and help support pastors, congregations and communities through teaching of the scripture.

nullHow does this have anything to do with anyone being at fault? As Lynn Corker told everyone, through your mite dollars YOU have changed the lives of women by allowing them to learn and love Jesus and it’s your fault! It’s your fault that an entire nation will be changed for generations to come — your mite offerings have helped to break ground on a seminary and build a library. The seminary will double the number of pastors who will preach God’s word in Uganda and it’s your fault! Lynn stated that we have a God who takes something so simple as coins in a box and changes the lives of so many and He does it all through you.

On Giving Tuesday, December 3, remember that your mite donation will change someone's life forever, and yes, it will be your fault!