Giving Tuesday 2019 — Making a Difference in a Changing World

2019-2021 Mission Grant #16 — Preparing Leaders for Tomorrow — LCMS School Ministries — $80,000

My children were blessed to attend Lutheran schools where administrators promoted a culture of keeping Jesus at the core of all activities for both teachers and students. I sent my children to school confident they were not only in a loving environment where they would receive a great education, but I also knew they would participate in devotions, pray, and be reminded each day that Jesus died for their sins.

nullOne afternoon I received a call from our Lutheran school principal. My nine-year-old daughter Kristen was having a severe reaction to a medication. The principal took her to his office and calmed her until help arrived. One of her classmates, who did not come from a Christian home, later told us the class had immediately prayed for her health and the next morning had said a prayer of thanks for her recovery. What a comfort to know others were praying on Kristen’s behalf and her classmate was learning about Jesus through everyday experiences! Those teachers and students were in an atmosphere where they were encouraged to pray and trust God in all circumstances.

Your donations on Giving Tuesday, December 3, 2019 will help support Mission Grant #16, Preparing Leaders for Tomorrow and will help assure Lutheran schools will be adequately staffed with well-trained administrators who create school environments where Jesus Christ is at the center of all endeavors.

Susan Brunkow