Thanks to Gerry

September to Remember

The late Gerry C. influenced and encouraged my involvement in LWML. Her support led me to say “yes” to serving as a local group (society) president in the 1960s.

Gerry in center

Through our church relationship, a friendship developed. Gerry, even though she knew that crafting was not my thing, invited me to help make table decorations for a district LWML convention. Being a friend, I said “yes.” She invited me to an LWML meeting; I joined and served as president. Many other opportunities followed to serve God and His people through the LWML as a result of my saying “yes” to something I did not like to do. It was Gerry who presented me with a bouquet of yellow roses at the 1991 ILWML Convention in Cleveland where I was elected president.

Blessings received from saying “yes” to serving include:

  • Prayers and greetings sent to me during times of need and times of celebration;
  • LWML national convention attendance by all my immediate family members;
  • My daughter’s LWML service to God;
  • The opportunity to facilitate the writing of the LWML Mission Statement; and
  • The blessings of LWML friendships.

Ida Mall