Thanks to Helen … and many others!

September to Remember

Several people, including my mother and my mother-in-law, influenced and encouraged my early involvement in LWML. Their support led me in 1979 to say “yes” to LWML President Helen Gienapp to serve as coordinator for the 1981 LWML convention in Milwaukee. I was a hostess at that 1979 Omaha convention, where Helen had been the coordinator and also was elected to serve as the LWML President.

Helen was a wonderful teacher, expecting perfection and respect. She listened to new ideas, gave advice when asked, and set an example for others. We were close friends until the day she met Jesus. Other past LWML presidents, too, have mentored me.

Women from younger generations, like our Young Woman Representatives, have also been my mentors. They ask a lot of questions that sometimes are difficult to answer! It’s fun to learn alongside them as I determine the answers.

Blessings received:

  • Being involved daily in God’s Word;
  • Meeting a great variety of people, including the president of the LCMS and LWML women in the smallest churches;
  • Learning to direct and delegate responsibilities; and
  • Realizing that I am always someone’s president, no matter how many years ago it’s been.

Virginia Von Seggern