Thanks to Louise

September to Remember

Mrs. Louise Hartner influenced and encouraged my involvement in LWML. Her method led me to say “yes” to serving.

It all happened so many years ago. As a young woman in a new, young congregation, we had an enthusiastic, engaged group of women. We were involved in Bible study and in serving our growing congregation. Some of us did attend zone rallies, but otherwise were not much involved beyond our own group.

Mrs. Hartner (we never used her first name, since we viewed her as very committed, but also very old!) called one day and asked me to meet her at my church on a Sunday afternoon. How could I refuse? We sat near the small fountain in our church courtyard. She asked me to serve as the next zone president. Again, how could I refuse? This committed, respected woman had driven from the other end of our zone to talk to me in person. She spoke convincingly of her perception of my abilities.

Over the years I have been grateful to her. Her asking led to so many possibilities of serving the Lord through Lutheran Women in Mission.

Gloria Edwards