Thanks to Ruth

September to Remember

Ruth Utech influenced and encouraged my involvement in LWML. Her excitement about LWML nudged me to learn more about the organization and attend a national convention.

In the summer of 1981 when we lived in Ohio, our family was traveling in Wisconsin. One of our stops was at the home of my husband’s Aunt Ruth. She had just returned from serving on the host committee for the LWML convention held in Milwaukee. To say she was excited would be putting it mildly! Her enthusiasm over the speakers, the mission grants, and the fellowship was contagious. So much so, that when I saw the 1983 convention was to be held in Detroit, just a few hours’ drive from where I lived, I decided to go and see what this organization was all about. So began my experiences with the LWML.

May each of us share the things that we have seen and heard in LWML and encourage women to come and see what it’s all about!

Janice Wendorf