LCMS Young Adult Corps (formerly LCMS Youth Corps) — Scholarships for Lutheran Mercy Young Adult Corps 

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Grant Amount: $25,000

  • To provide scholarships for young Lutheran adults that have been selected as volunteers to serve in areas in which their talents and services are needed (poverty/inner city areas, and areas of disadvantage and/or long-term recovery). LCMS Young Adult Corps members are especially trained to live and work and be identified with the people in the community, using their skills and understanding to serve these people in relation to their needs and to the skills and resources available, always being Christ’s witness in acts of mercy for the church and the world.

Long-term service opportunities, suited for youth who after high school or college have not yet settled on a vocation, are offered by Lutheran Mercy Youth Corps. Host sites will provide opportunities to serve neighbor and community in a volunteer service. Living in a community with other youth, they will have daily devotions, connections to a nearby church for Word and Sacrament ministry, and theological training before the youth are sent out on a mercy project such as domestic work in the inner-city or other underserved areas. Each participant will provide a portion of the stipend dispersals with LWML grant money supplementing the funds as scholarships.


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