Mission Grant History

LWML Has Sponsored Mission Grants Since 1943!

View MISSION GRANTS HISTORY to see God's work! The History is a listing of all of the LWML grants from the 1943โ€“1945 biennium through the 2021โ€“2023 biennium.

View MISSION GRANTS RESUME (1943โ€“2023)! Completed projects are history. The importance of this history is not to say, โ€œSee what the LWML has done,โ€ but to point toward a future of service. This concise and detailed MISSION GRANTS RESUME is meant to aid Leaguers involved in mission education to motivate further service. It presents a quick reference and source of information for working on displays, missions fairs, skits, devotions, programs, and reports, etc. If you are traveling, you might wish to use this Resume as a guide to visit some of the past mission projects.

Past Mission Grants by Biennium

To share your ideas with others, as well as ask any questions you may have, please contact the Vice President of Gospel Outreach here. It will be forwarded to your Mission Grants Committee. Serving you and our Lord with gladness.

Did You Know?

  • Grants selected at a convention may not request their funding until October 1 of the convention year.
  • Recipients have two biennia to request their funds, per LWML Bylaws, Article XVII, Section 3 a.



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