Mission Servants Activity of the Month


Spring Nursing Home Projects

Deliver Bird Feeders to Nursing Homes and Start a Raised Garden

Nursing homes usually have outdoor common spaces. Since many residents enjoy watching and feeding the birds, your group can deliver and hang bird feeders. By hanging these feeders, you are contributing to the pleasure of residents.

Your group might also enjoy building an accessible raised garden bed in these spaces, too. This enables the residents to grow vegetables and flowers. These beds are generally a wooden rectangular box about 24 to 30 inches tall, filled with dirt.

Gardeners can easily plant and care for their gardens from a wheelchair or walker without needing to bend to the ground. These gardens encourage the residents to do some light physical activity and they will have pride in their beautiful garden.

Download this flier to print and share!


The LWML at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Rock Island, IL tries to do servant work as much as they can. In January, they put together personal care kits for the local shelter. Starting with the items from the LWML mission servants page, a call was made to the shelter for additional ideas to fit their needs. At the end of the LWML meeting, they added the items to each bag. One of the members took the bags down to the shelter the next day.

These small works involve all members of the church because they can donate to the kits and the LWML puts them together. A small report was put in the church bulletin so the congregation knew how many kits were made. It only took a few minutes the evening of the meeting and everyone knew the items were needed. Their special touch was that they included Mustard Seeds in each bag. What a great way to share our Lord with others.

The Gospel Outreach Committee would love to hear about, and share, your mission service activities! Please contact the Vice President of Gospel Outreach here. Thank you!

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