Mission Servants Activity of the Month


Blessing Bags

At your next society meeting make Blessing Bags. A Blessing Bag is a bag full of items to have in your car to give to somebody in need, a homeless person, or your local homeless shelter. These bags can be filled with items from your favorite dollar store.

Blessing Bag contents
Hand warmers Band Aids Granola Bars
Socks Toothbrush & Toothpaste Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner
Hats Razors Deodorant
Gloves Water Hand Wipes

Download this flier to print and share!

purple paper bag

Peace Mission Guild at Peace Lutheran Church in Neenah, Wisconsin shared: In January, each lady puts one coin into her ‘Little Red Stocking’. Each consecutive month the number of coins added to the sock is increased by one: February two coins, March three coins, April four coins, etc.

Through this project $350.00 was collected and sent to a needy group, decided by the ladies. The Christian Life committee of the LWML South Wisconsin District offered “Little Red Stocking” suggestion which can also be used as a Christmas gift gathering of mites for mission.

Submitted by Barb Kaun, VP of Special Focus Ministry & Mission Grant, LWML South Wisconsin District, President of Peace Mission Guild, Peace Lutheran Church, Neenah, WI

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