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Faith is … Trusting Jesus to Provide Real Security

In the Word

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure (Hebrews 6:19a).

Of the Word

Many people in the world today are desperately searching for security. In their minds, if they could find the right combination of material blessings, such as the perfect job with high pay and a solid retirement plan, they would never need to worry again. If only they would look around them and consider what has happened to others like them who have placed their trust and sought their security in the things of this world! There is no lasting security in the material things of life.

But we, as Christians, do have a secure anchor and His name is Jesus. Our faith rests not in things of this world, but rather in the person of Jesus Christ. He proved once and for all He is the secure anchor we need in this world in which we live. He proved Himself when He showed Himself alive to the disciples. He is our risen Lord.

Our anchor is our faithful God who has provided for us in the past, is doing so now, and will continue to provide for us even into eternity. He provides all of the security we need. Our faithful God is our security from eternity to eternity.

Walking with my Lord

Dear Lord Jesus, You are my hope and the firm, secure anchor for my soul. In Your name. Amen.

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