Having Children: Now? Later? Never?

Mustard Seed Daily Devotion

In the Word

The person who is truly wise is called understanding, and speaking sweetly helps others learn (Proverbs 16:21 God's Word).

Of the Word

Crumb crunchers, arrows in the quiver, ankle biters, or gifts of God. No matter what you call them, the prospect of having children often raises questions, emotions, hopes, and fears. For some, becoming parents is simply a natural product of marriage. For others, career choices or infertility may yield a different outcome.

If the decision is made to have children, more questions arise. How soon? How do we know when the time is right? Should we be financially stable before we have children? Should one parent stay at home or work from home? Do we consider daycare? Only you can answer these questions for your unique situation.

As you ponder these questions, seek God's wisdom in His Word. Ask for His guidance through prayer. Talk to people you trust who have "been there." A perfect time may not be apparent, but God is with you in every situation. As you seek His will, He gives courage and strength as you rear the children He gives you, whenever that may be.

Walking with my Lord

Dear Lord, whether children are or are not to be part of our future, help us to live as Your children, treasuring each day of Your love and grace. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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