nullIt’s getting closer! The LWML 37th Biennial Convention in Albuquerque is just weeks away. So much to do, so many lists! Gifts from the Heart is on my list of things to bring. I hope it’s on your list too. School items, baby items, health items. So much need. These gifts will be going to four different recipients. Their information and specific items requested on the flier found at

All of the items are much needed gifts for many of God’s children. The women of the LWML have been bringing gifts to conventions for many, many years. Let’s make this 75th Anniversary year a year to remember.

If you are unable to come, gather items and send with your zone delegate or find a place near your congregation to share these same items. Most of all, pray for these organizations. They were selected because they share the Gospel of our Lord along with the mercy work that they do.