Zone Basics

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LWML Zones

A zone is a group of local LWML groups and individual members in the same geographic area united to promote the object of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League — mission education, mission inspiration, mission service, and mission grants.


As women are affirmed in their relationship to God and develop a heart for mission, zones open an additional avenue for service and involvement by:

  • forging a link in the relationship of the local group to the district and LWML;
  • serving as a forum for disseminating information regarding LWML grants, resources, and programs;
  • providing opportunity for spiritual development and leader training;
  • offering Christian fellowship and mutual encouragement;
  • providing opportunity for sharing ideas among the groups;
  • offering programs through which women may participate in servant events and Gospel outreach activities; and
  • supplying voting representation to LWML conventions.


At least one zone event shall be held each year to conduct the business of the zone, provide opportunities for sharing ideas among members, and promote Christian fellowship.

  • All members of affiliated local LWML groups and individual members are invited to attend (guests are also encouraged to attend).
  • Voting privileges are determined by zone bylaws.
  • Zones are encouraged to grant voting privilege to individual members.
  • Each member LWML group has the privilege of hosting a rally or other zone meeting.
  • Programs are planned and conducted by zone officers and a host LWML group or as directed by the district board.

Retreats, workshops, servant events, mission service opportunities, Gospel outreach activities, and other programs may also be arranged.


Zones do not adopt mission grant projects (with the exception of the English and SELC districts as indicated in Standing Rule 1 of the LWML Bylaws). Through their voting delegates to district and LWML conventions, zones select the mission grants to be funded by LWML for the biennium. Therefore, the efforts of members at all levels of the organization must be concentrated on meeting the commitments made to fund the various mission grants adopted in conventions.

Zones may collect registration fees and accept voluntary offerings at rallies or other zone functions to cover zone expenses such as:

  • convention costs for delegates;
  • honorariums for speakers, rental of audio-visual equipment, etc. for zone events;
  • printing, postage;
  • district assessments; and
  • reimbursement of expenses to officers and committee members, as permitted in the zone bylaws.

When hosting special events such as prayer services, retreats, servant events, etc., zones may gather offerings for designated purposes. The zone Pastoral Counselor should be included in the selection of the recipient of such offerings or Gifts from the Heart (ingatherings) to insure that the beneficiary is not in conflict with the tenants and beliefs of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.


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