LWQ Fall 2007

Celebration of Life

null“Celebrate life — at every age!” urge the latest ads for soap, cookbooks, and dance lessons.

Hey, I admit I even celebrate 1/2 birthdays…and add “a candle to grow on.”

What’s on your celebration list? Personal milestones (first day of school, job, or retirement) and other markers (a goal reached, a skill learned, a fear overcome) may come to mind.

Consider, too, these good-to-your-ears celebrations: You figured it out, you made the team, here’s a second chance, it is in remission, you are forgiven, I love you, you are Mine.

With this issue, the LWML celebrates its 65th birthday and
welcomes a new President. Put another candle on the cake!

Nancy Graf Peters


  2 A Celebration of Life PDF
Cantalope + Carrots = Compassion...LWML-Style PDF
44 Gifts of Love PDF

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10 God's Will...What Should I Do PDF
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Bible Studies

28 Celebrate Life! PDF
30 Celebrating Life as the Handiwork of God PDF
34 Celebrating Life in the Midst of Life's Storms PDF
37 Spanish: Celebrando la vida en medio de las tormentas de la vida PDF


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