LWQ Winter 2014

Winter 2014   Saying the Right Words

Winter Lutheran Women's Quarterly cover

From the Editor...

If you are a regular reader of the Quarterly, you may have already noticed this issue is thicker and the articles are arranged differently.

The President’s column, to your right on page 1, is usually found on the last page. When you reach the last page, you will spot the mission grants updates, which are typically located in the centerfold. And in the centerfold, you will discover the reason for this switch up: a special insert inviting you to join with your sisters (and brothers) in mission at the Des Moines LWML Convention, June 25–28, 2015.

The Winter LWQ, “Saying the Right Words,” walks you through the lives of your sisters in Christ as they recount times of hearing words that brought them either great healing or considerable pain. Their experiences have taught me so much.

As we enter the Advent season and approach Christmas, let us recall another Right Word: the Word made flesh, the Word Incarnate — Jesus Christ the Lord.

Nancy Graf Peters,


  2    When You Don't Know What to Say PDF
  4    Sarah's Story PDF
  9    As a Grandma and a Mom — What Do You Say? PDF
10   The Right Words in the Midst of Life's Pain PDF
12   Tell the Reason PDF
13   Three Words PDF
24   Words Fitly Spoken PDF
Special LWML Convention Insert PDF

In Every Issue

  1    President's Page – Saying the Right Words PDF
  3    btw ... Praying the Psalms PDF
14   Young Women's Page PDF
15   Shop LWML PDF
25   Gifts of Love PDF
26   Lutheran Women in Action PDF
28   Grants@Work -- Mission Grants Update PDF

Bible Studies

16   Bible Study – How Can I Control My Tongue? PDF
18   Bible Study – Saying the Right Words to Our Barren Sisters in Christ PDF
18   Leaders Guide – Saying the Right Words to Our Barren Sisters in Christ PDF
20   Bible Study – Is My Heart Really Unforgiving? PDF
20   Leaders Guide – Is My Heart Really Unforgiving? PDF
22   Bible Study – Sera que mi Corazon no perdona? PDF


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