More Ways to Give

Other Ways to Financially Support our Mission Grants

1) Goodsearch –

Use this site as your search engine and/or for your shopping and you’ll be earning a penny per search or a percentage of your purchase for mites. Click on “Find a cause to support” and type in LWML, select “Lutheran Womens Missionary League” with the St. Louis, Missouri, address. Continue your search or shopping.

2) AmazonSmile

LWML is listed among many other charities to receive 0.5% of your “eligible” purchases. Follow these easy instructions to also support our mites:

  1. Go to to log in to your Amazon account.
  2. Select your charity by clicking on “Your Account” in the upper right corner of the site page. (LWML is listed with the St. Louis, Missouri, address. There are many Lutheran groups listed.)
  3. Click the yellow “Select” button and begin shopping!

Once you have set this up, every time you log in to, 0.5% of your “eligible” purchases will be donated to LWML. Once each quarter the accumulated donations are transferred to the LWML’s bank account.

3) Thrivent Choice Dollars®

Thrivent Financial is a not-for-profit corporation that does not pay federal taxes. Because of this they give back to the community what they would have had to pay in taxes; one way this is accomplished is through Choice Dollars. If you are a Thrivent member and pay premiums for their products, you most likely have Choice Dollars to direct to any charitable organization listed on their website.

How to direct Thrivent Choice Dollars


Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Scroll down and click on the “Get Started” button on the “How Do I Direct My Designated Choice Dollars” box.
Step 3: Log in and enter your user ID and password. (If you haven’t yet registered on their website, click on “Register” to
Step 4: Look for your Choice Dollars to direct on the right side of the screen.
Step 5: Search the catalog of organizations to find the organization you want to select. (National LWML is listed with the St. Louis, Missouri, address.)
Step 6: Click on “Direct Now” to direct your designated Choice Dollars to benefit the organization of choice.

By phone:

Step 1: Call 1-800-847-4836 and when prompted, say “Thrivent Choice.”
Step 2: Press 1 to direct Choice Dollars or press 2 to hear the Thrivent Choice program terms and conditions. (If prompted, say or enter your phone number and date of birth.)
Step 3: A representative will then work with you to direct Choice Dollars.



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