A Tech-Savvy World — Gospel Sharing
Back to School — Christian Life, Witnessing
Bloom and Grow! — Witnessing, Christian Living
Cast Your Net – Again — Discipleship, Witnessing, Fishing
Creating Wondrous Water Wakes — Witnessing
God, You Want Me? — Missions
Harvest Time – Ready! Set! Go! — Witnessing
Knee Deep in Slime! — Relationships with others, Witnessing
Lift High the Cross — Salvation, Witnessing
Love: Not An Option — Relationships with others, Witnessing
Searchlight  — Discipleship, Witnessing
Sent to the Nations — Witnessing, Women Doing God's Work
Simon Says (Acts 10:43) — Relationship with Others, Witnessing
Talk About Jesus — Relationship with God, Witnessing
Tears of Sorrow  — Christian Living, Witness
The Lesson of the Candy Corn — Witnessing, Service
The Power of Loving People — Showing Love
They are Precious in His Sight  — God’s Love, Witnessing
We're Going to Disneyland — Witnessing
What's in a Name? — Christian Life, Witnessing

Short Bible Studies

A Life-Long Mission Trip (with Leader Guide) — Missions
Created for God’s Work (with Leader Guide) — Christian Living, Witness, Service
Go Tell It — Discipleship, Witnessing
Family Matters — Women in Christ's Geneology (with Leader Guide) — Witness, Service
Lift Up Your Eyes (with Leader Guide) — Relationship with Others, Witnessing
Prepare, Then Share — Discipleship, Witnessing, Fishing
The Where and How of the Father’s Field — Witnessing, Service

Multi-Session Bible Studies

Every Picture Can Tell God's Story — By Diane Grebing, 6 sessions, with leader guide.

Sketches and Drama

Disciple Stew — Disciples
Hook, Line, and Sinker — Discipleship, Witnessing, Fishing
In His Hands — Suffering, Witness
In Step With Our Lord — Christian Life, Discipleship, Personal Spirituality, Welcome, Witnessing
Let’s Go Fishing — Witness
Time for Latte? — Personal Sharing, Witness
Who Will Go and Fish Today? — Witnessing
Will You Be A Witness? — Witnessing
Women on Witnessing — Witnessing

Crafts and Printables

Heart Blessing Cards (Assortment)
Scripture Gift Tags and Posters (1 John 4:19)

Retreats / Workshops

Let's Grab Our Shoes and Go!
Proclaim the Redeemer