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Suggested LWML Resources for Assisted Living Centers

These suggested resources were chosen during the COVID-19 pandemic with special consideration for the needs of the elderly, visually or hearing impaired, or small-motor challenged residents. Most items are available for a free download at lwml.org. Links are provided below in purple.

Bible Studies — An extensive Bible study collection, below are a few suggestions:

Devotions — A collection of over 150 devotions, below are a few suggestions:

Daily Email Devotion
View them online or sign up for emails here

Podcasts — LWML on the Go Podcasts — similar to a short radio broadcast

Group Activities — fun activities with small groups

Craft Activities — downloadable adult coloring pages and easy ornament instructions

Visual Faith — coloring sheets, cards, bookmarks, and more

Hearing Impaired — links to YouTube videos

Visually Impaired — Lutheran Braille Workers offer free of charge, selected LWML resources in braille and large print

View printable PDF of this article, For Times Such as This — Suggested LWML Resources for Assisted Living Centers

View more resources for during COVID-19