eNews Issue #338 — June 8, 2021

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Lutheran Women’s Missionary League 
2021 Convention
Lexington, Kentucky
June 24–27

Livestreaming Offered for Convention Sessions

In two weeks, Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) leaders from all 40 LWML districts around the country will be gathering in Lexington at the pre-convention Presidents Assembly meeting. Over 2,700 participants will worship together on Thursday evening, June 24, 2021, and anyone may join via livestream.

From the Thursday night opening worship service to the business and mission speakers on Friday and Saturday, to the closing worship service on Sunday morning … live broadcasting will be available. If you are unable to attend the convention in person, why not organize a livestreaming get-together and watch as a group?  Your group would enjoy watching Billie Reneé and Cumberland Gap sing Bluegrass music on Saturday night! And if you miss the live version, you can still watch the recorded sessions; click here.


2019–2021 LWML Mission Grant #12, Women’s Witness and Mercy in Asia — Mission Central 


LWML Mission Grant #12, Women’s Witness and Mercy in Asia, chosen at the 2019 Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) Convention in Mobile, supports the LWML Mission Statement by assisting women to use their gifts in ministry to the people of the world.

Missionaries in many countries often face hardships not experienced in America, but this past year, all of these women had to find ways to share the Gospel during the pandemic. Despite culture and language barriers, they reached out with the love of Jesus.

Asia has 38 LCMS missionaries, 10 of whom are women. Funds from LWML Mission Grant #12 were divided among these10 Lutheran Women in Mission. Gary Thies, Mission Central Founder and Director will tell stories of these women, their families, and the work they are doing in Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Cambodia, Taiwan, and throughout Asia. 

Convention Offerings to Benefit Organizations in Host Districts

Four offerings will be collected at the LWML Convention in Lexington. The first offering is always for the upcoming biennium’s LWML Mission Goal approved by the voting body. The other three offerings approved by the LWML Presidents Assembly are designated for opportunities to share God’s love and mercy in the districts hosting the convention. These offerings will assist with the work of King’s Community Outreach in Fort Wayne, Indiana; Gifts for All God’s Children’s Connecting Kids to Christ Center in Detroit, Michigan; and POBLO International Ministries in Clinton Township, Michigan. 

Located at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, King’s Community Outreach is active in the neighborhood through food for the body and for the soul. Offering funds will be used to support this organization as they begin a parking lot ministry with in-car worship every Sunday to bring people to Christ, and also to the church. 

Gifts for All God’s Children’s Connecting Kids to Christ Center focuses on connecting at-risk children with the body of Christ, the Bible, and Baptism. This offering will help expand the program by reaching out to more children in the private and public school systems. 

People of the Book Lutheran Outreach (POBLO) Ministries is reaching and serving immigrant and refugee communities by sharing the Gospel message. Offering monies will enable POBLO International to train numerous congregations to begin outreach to non-Christian communities in their neighborhoods and to others via Zoom or in person.

Whether you attend in person or not, you are invited to support these offerings with your donations and your prayers. 

The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) — Lutheran Women in Mission — is an official auxiliary of  The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Since 1942, Lutheran Women in Mission have joyfully proclaimed Christ, supported missions, and equipped women to honor God by serving others

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