Single-session Bible study on Caregiving. 4 pages. Leader Guide available.

Those of you who are familiar with the mining industry know that mining is hard work. It takes lots of time, patience, care, and persistence to mine the treasured gems in God’s creation. This is also true when mining hidden talents in those people around you who are also God’s creation. When we mine hidden talents in people, we don’t use drills, pick-axes, or dynamite as coal or gem miners do. Instead, by the power of the Holy Spirit, we use loving patience. As does everyone who God has created, individuals with special learning and physical needs also have unique gifts which God has given them. To mine their talents may take a little more patience and perseverance, but as you will see from the people we are about to meet, the effort will yield treasured blessings. Let’s meet some very special people and take a look at how they are using to God’s glory the talents He has given them that have been “mined” from within them.

Mining Hidden Talents with Leader Guide


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