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Text Messages from God

Looking for a resource to gift to youth?

Text Messages from God Vol. 2 product image

Text Messages from God, Volume 2 is a great resource to share.

Text Messages from God, Volume 2 is a collection of 30 devotions for middle- and high-school youth formatted like a text message. Each devotion includes Scripture, a reflection, and a prayer. Topics include temptation, disappointments, expectations, relationships, choices, faith, dating, failure, peer pressure, and more.

Order Text Messages from God, Volume 2, LWML50076

Purple-mercial — Rolling Pin & Cookie Cutter

Watch the Purple-mercial — Rolling Pin & Cookie Cutter video below!

A closer look at LWML products: rolling pin and cookie cutter, along with some silly outtakes from the LWML Office.


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Purple-mercial — My Favorite Things

Watch the Purple-mercial — My Favorite Things video below!

A group of LWML women having a silly sing-along, and practicing for an LWML Purple-mercial that incorporates the song "My Favorite Things" to promote LWML products available for purchase.


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Where Love Abides: LWML68936

Where Love Abides DVD Bible study and workbook

An 8-lesson DVD Bible study based on John 15:1–17. Written by Donna Snow, this study takes an in-depth look at what it means to abide in Jesus, the True Vine, to bear lasting fruit.

Run times for each lesson:
Lesson 1 — 25:35; Lesson 2 — 21:44;
Lesson 3 — 20:52; Lesson 4 — 21:05;
Lesson 5 — 19:52; Lesson 6 — 16:30;
Lesson 7 — 35:46; Lesson 8 — 30:51.

Order #LWML68936 (DVD with electronic workbook PDF) or additional workbooks #LWML68937

Download the Leader Guide for Where Love Abides

Donna Pyle

Peter … From Fisherman to Fisher of Men: LWML68934

Peter … From Fisherman to Fisher of Men DVD Bible Study

Item number LWML68934


An eight-lesson DVD bible study on the life and ministry of the Apostle Peter. Written by Donna Snow, this study examines how God uses Peter's brokenness, failures, and triumphs to help us grow in faith.

Donna Pyle

Run times for each lesson:
Lesson 1 — 44 minutes, Lesson 2 — 43 minutes,
Lesson 3 — 63 minutes, Lesson 4 — 48 minutes,
Lesson 5 — 41 minutes, Lesson 6 — 55 minutes,
Lesson 7 — 47 minutes, Lesson 8 — 32 minutes.

Peter: From Fisherman to Fisher of Men — Leader Guide


Order the DVD (with electronic workbook PDF) by phone at 800-325-3040 (CPH Customer Service) or: Order online at

Additional Peter … From Fisherman to Fisher of Men workbooks (LWML68935) also available for purchase.

Your Strong Suit: LWML68930

Available in the LWML Store

Your Strong Suit DVD Bible Study with Workbook

Item number LWML68930


Author, Donna Snow, and LWML have teamed up to produce an eight-lesson Bible study Your Strong Suit based on Ephesians 6:10-18. 

This eight week, verse-by-verse study of the armor of God details the incredible protection that God has provided to His children. Even though we may not like discussing spiritual warfare, it is necessary because it is real. Spiritual warfare has the potential to rob us of peace and security only to leave behind doubt and unrest. But God offers protection to us - HIS protection. Journey through this study as we learn about the battle, our enemy, our armor and our place in God's army. But most importantly, we come to know the rock solid truth that God has provided everything we need to proclaim ultimate victory. 

Individual Your Strong Suit workbooks (LWML68931) available for purchase.

The study also comes as eight lessons on two DVDs. Order by phone at 800-325-3040 (CPH Customer Service) or: Order online at

Your Strong Suit DVD preview clip


Developing a Personal Mission Statement: LWML73300

Developing a Personal Mission Statement

Item number LWML73300


A three-step guide to helping individuals feel a sense of purpose and focus in life. Can be completed alone as a self-assessment or with others in a small-group setting. 


Available as a free download.


Overflowing Abundance: LWML68932

Overflowing Abundance Video Bible Study


Through this 6-lesson Bible study on Jesus’ feeding of the five thousand, we invite you to dig deep into Scripture to see a compelling picture of our compassionate Savior. Sometimes, in seasons of stress and brokenness, we keep our eyes down. Trudging forward. Never looking up to see our Provider.

Yet when Christ is present, the weary find rest and the hungry soul is satisfied. Come and be fed by the only One who provides for your every need and fills you … body and soul … with Overflowing Abundance.

Join Donna Snow and your LWML friends from around the world as we unite together in Bible study.

Download the workbook

Overflowing Abundance workbook (5 MB)

Click to view each session of this Bible study

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3 
Session 4 
Session 5 
Session 6 

View the trailer below:

Originally published in 2013 as a DVD Bible study with workbook through the LWML Store, item number LWML68932. DVD and physical workbook no longer available for purchase.

Overflowing Abundance is authored by Donna Snow.

Donna Pyle

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LWML Mission Grant History Books

God Gave the Increase

Item number LWML14986


"This is a story of human carelessness and God extending His helping hand to the abandoned." So begins one of the stories in God Gave the Increase. It goes on to tell of a young woman in Russia whose life was in tatters. Abandoned by her husband, without employment, cut off from her family, in trouble with the law — how would she survive? Then one day she went to see the deacon of a small Lutheran church, a congregation where many disenfranchised people gather. Here she found shelter and understanding. At the deacon's recommendation, she went to HOPE Christian Family Counseling Center — an LWML Mission Grant from the 2007–2009 biennium. Through the care and witness she received, this woman's life was changed, and she found eternal hope through Christ. God Gave the Increase tells her story and the stories of countless others on three continents — Europe, Africa and Asia — who were impacted through the ministries made possible by LWML mites.

Order by phone at 800-325-3040 (CPH Customer Service) or:

Order online at



Wherever God Sends Us

Item number LWML14987


Wherever God Sends Us shares how LWML Mission Grants have supported and affected missions and ministries throughout our 70-year history. You can read this book as simply a history of national projects, skimming its highlights, and enjoying the stories. Or, you can read it slowly and carefully, a few pages at a time, walking in the footsteps of recipients, sharing their struggles with poverty, illiteracy, health concerns, and meaningless lives. Then rejoice with them as a mite gift — blessed by the Lord ‚  changes everything!

Order by phone at 800-325-3040 (CPH Customer Service) or:

Order online at


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