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2016 June: Helping Hands Initiative

Helping Hands Initiative — LCMS National Housing Support Corporation


Grant Amount: $100,000

  • These funds would provide construction materials, tools, home repair allotment, Laborers for Christ fees and financial literacy training for ten home projects for low-income, disabled, and/or elderly residents near LCMS congregations. It provides a way for congregations to reach out to their local communities through housing repair services.

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The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) National Housing Support Corporation (NHSC) is launching the “Helping Hand” home repair initiative in a U.S. city in the spring of 2016. This rehab initiative is focused on supporting critical home repair needs of low-income, disabled and/or elderly residents near LCMS congregations. It will give congregations a tool to care for their neighbors’ bodily needs while opening doors to provide Word and Sacrament ministry to unreached individuals and families in their community. 

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2016 May: LCMS Global Seminary Initiative

LCMS Global Seminary Initiative — International Student Scholarships


Grant Amount: $100,000

  • To provide scholarships for pastors from emerging and partner church bodies to obtain advanced degrees at the two Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) seminaries. It also will fund sending LCMS professors and qualified pastors to teach at regional seminaries around the world. Scholarships for students attending in-country seminaries as well as funding for seminars and educational conferences will be provided.

Resources for Mission Grant #9

The Global Seminary Initiative is a program that provides Lutheran theological education by bringing the best students worldwide to The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) seminaries to study at the graduate level so that they can return to their home countries and provide advanced theological leadership. Also provided is support for local regional seminaries — both infra-structure and scholarships for students to attend regional seminaries. Another offering of the program is continuing education — seminars, conferences and visits by qualified LCMS pastors and professors to teach in the local region. LWML grant money will provide scholarships for the international students.

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2016 April: Providing Hope for Detroit

Providing Hope for Detroit — Acts 2 Enterprise


Grant Amount: $100,000

  • An intentional undertaking of the churches in Detroit to reconnect with the communities, evangelizing and spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ through a full range of programs.

Resources for Mission Grant #18

Acts 2 Enterprise (A2E), through local congregations, is intentionally undertaking the reconnecting of Detroit, Michigan with the communities, in which they reside, evangelizing the city with the Good News of Jesus Christ. They are doing this through a Christ-centered presence in the areas of: literacy, job partnerships, parenting classes, sports camps/VBS, leadership, and community beautification. A2E will strategically provide before and after school tutoring which would be facilitated by Lutheran leaders which will also include computer classes, learning strategies to enhance reading and comprehension, test taking skills, life skills, and biblical teachings along with sharing the Gospel.

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2016 March: Outreach in Refugee Camps

Outreach in Refugee Camps — Lebanon


Grant Amount: $72,000

  • To reach 15,000 women and children with humanitarian supplies, provide trucking, storage, and distribution for those items, along with printed materials, and for support staff.

Resources for Mission Grant #7

The goals for this outreach are to share the Good News, provide relief to the destitute women and children, and to influence long-term growth of the Gospel. Working through the Middle East Lutheran Ministry (MELM) center they reach out to camps throughout the Belkaa Valley region of Lebanon. MELM will visit the smaller refugee camps to attend to their needs on a more personal and sustained basis. Many of the men still living are elsewhere in Lebanon and work in cities. The grant will pay for humanitarian supplies, printed materials, and logistics. The grant will impact the women and children at a time of dire need with a strong Christian presence.

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2016 February: Hope and Healing to the Navajo

Hope and Healing to the Navajo People — Rocky Mountain District


Grant Amount: $75,000

To implement Gospel-oriented programs for Navajo men, women and youth to empower and equip them to live victorious in the midst of their circumstances and to be over-comers, offering better choices for a brighter future. Programs to include: youth camps, after school enrichment programs, Boys/Girls clubs, trip to share faith with another Native people group, men’s Bible group, abused women’s support group, and women’s health education.

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