Assembly of Leaders 2022


Event Form for Training Activity

Note:  The script may be included in the PowerPoint presentation.  You are able to see the script if you go to “View” on the toolbar and select “Notes Page.”

General Session Documents and Videos


Breakout Session Documents and Videos

Adventures in Planning

Script (Word doc)
Handout — Hints for Successful Strategic Planning Sessions (Word doc)

Exploring Technology in your District

Editable PowerPoint Presentation
Handout — Recipe 1 (Word doc)
Handout — Recipe 2 (Word doc)
Handout — Recipe 3 (Word doc)

Joining Church Workers on Their Adventure

Editable PowerPoint Presentation
Handout — Ideas to Support, Encourage, and Care for Church-Workers
Devotion: Showing our Church Workers Love and Respect

Me a Leader? Yes! Equip Yourself and Others to be Leaders

Editable PowerPoint Presentation
Handout — Me a Leader? (Word doc)
Video Presentation — Me a Leader?

Mission Adventure — Sharing God’s Love

Script (Word doc)
Flyer — Stay Home and Serve Mission Trip
Handout — Bible verses (Word doc)
Handout — Devotion/skit (Word doc)
Handout — Faith Story (Word doc)
Handout — Gospel Outreach Resource List (Word doc)

Mission Grants — a Global Adventure

Editable PowerPoint Presentation
Handout — Slide print-out for notes

Treasure Hunt for LWML Resources

Script (Word doc)
Sketch — Where Do I Find That?
Handout — Treasure Hunt for LWML Resources (Word doc)
Handout — The Legend of the Candy Corn 

Venturing Out of Our Comfort Zone

Editable PowerPoint Presentation
Script (Word doc)
Handout — Listening to Other Ideas — Learning to Do Things Differently (Word doc)
Prop — Letters
Handout — "SMILE" Resources (Word doc)

Pastoral Counselors

Pastoral Counselors 101 — Editable PowerPoint Presentation
Handout — Quick Links for District Pastoral Counselors


Resources for Promoting a Local Assembly of Leaders Event


LWML Resources